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Blue Ridge Parkway Property

Blue Ridge Parkway property with a view for sale.

Thank you for considering our developments.  We thought you might like to know why we do the things we do in shaping the developments on the ground and through the legal process.

These are quaint and serene developments much like a Christmas card with single-lane paved roads winding through the woods, through extraordinary views, and by creeks and waterfalls.  We’re about 25 years behind the times and willing to fight anyone who wants us to catch up.

We try to create wilderness type communities that are much like the areas you grew up in years ago.  We are at about 3,000 feet of elevation and, therefore, have cool breezes most of the time.  Screens on the windows prevail with air conditioning being necessary very little.  Exercise machines are not necessary.  It is commonplace to see neighbors walking the roads and hills for exercise in the cool air.

Wildlife includes deer, rabbits, squirrels, black bear, bobcats, and wild turkey.  In our elevations, many times, you will be seeing hawks soaring below you.

Property prices have steadily risen since we started in 1999.  Our equity increases for customers has been very favorable.  Most big view lots that were sold for $31,500 in 2002 will now bring $65,000-$85,000. The amount of surround view land left to be developed in other areas of Fancy Gap is very small.  Further out the Parkway from us, in both directions, the view areas are about used up.  Those areas are generally steeper and rockier than our area.  The county and the state recently changed developmental codes to where most developing in these extreme view areas along the Parkway will not be feasible.  The cost of development under the new codes will at least triple.  This tripling effect will slow new developments and send our equity increases higher than ever before.  We were fortunate to be able to cut out, survey and finalize, pass through the Planning Board, and record over 150 new tracts before the law changed.

Most developers didn’t think the new law would be so severe and did not cut their remaining land.  Therefore, as demand increases, supply will be very short.  Our prices will, therefore, remain reasonable with increases through attrition.

Blue Ridge Parkway Mountain Views for sale-cabins, log home propertiesI am not a Realtor but I am a Land Developer.  We buy farms and large tracts of land and put those together to form these small communities.  We then cut that area into smaller land tracts for mainly vacation folks and for retired folks.  We operate in Carroll County which does not have zoning and is, therefore, not restricted.  Our developments are restricted regardless of the size of the tract.  The restrictions along with the size of our area, in this case, some 600 acres gives our customers an assurance of a nice neighborhood where everything around you is new.  If you need to sell at some point, those are the areas that sell first in most cases. In most cases our views will exceed the pull-offs on the Parkway.  We have better than 300 acres, that on a clear day with the naked eye, you will pick out every skyscraper in Winston-Salem which is 50 miles away.  These are private roads but not gated and lend themselves well to ATV’s, such as; golf carts, Gators, Kawasaki Mules, etc.  We do not allow 2-wheel dirt bikes, because we feel it would lead to the “2-stroke” bikes which sound like a mad bumblebee.

This is a quiet and serene place.

We are restricted against 4-wheelers and ATV’s but we all have them.  The reason for this is that if someone is creating problems with noise or showing off and if we are restricted against those, we can do something about it.  We may all have to hide ours for a while and then bring them back out little by little, but we can do something about it.  If we were not restricted against them, we couldn’t do anything about someone creating a nuisance.  There are miles of trails to hike or to ride 4-wheelers.

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