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It was the fall and my husband was home for the holiday. He is in the army but just returned home. It had been 3years we last saw him and now Tracy is 5. How he really loved to be with his family and in the city but he loved life and nature though his work took him away from all that. For that, he considered getting a property to invest and a home near nature too. And I personally, had always dreamed of a house that would be close to natures finest, where the air was natural and sweet, where you could just get away from all of the city noise and contaminated air.

Until one day, during my husband’s holiday, we decided to make a trip down to his momma’s place. It had been a while. So, we hurriedly packed our things for the trip and forgot to refill the tank. Along the way, we ran out of gas and it was night already. We needed a place safe and clean to pass the night.

So we pulled off the southern side of the Blue Ridge Parkway into fancy gap Virginia, and wow, I was blown away. I had never thought a place like this existed. I thought it was still a figment of my imagination. The views exceeded the pull offs. The environment was quaint and serene all through the drive in. We lodged at the cabin. It was so clean and neatly arranged. It had this hardwood flooring, knotty pine and stone walls, huge stone fireplace, rustic yet modern interior…and a big wrap around front porch to rest peacefully in the swing. . Our night actually turned out to be 3days and yet we weren’t ready to leave. The mountain views are exploding. Getting away from the city sometimes just to experience a place like this makes ones existence complete. You could feel the air and the leaves turn and the smell; clear and crystal.

Now, I really recommend this place to everyone. As a young couple and having a husband who wasn’t always around, this place was a perfect getaway for us and oh Tracey too, she never wanted to leave again. She so loved to play with the swing around the big wrap around front porch.

You remember me talking about having a house close to nature? Yes, this is it. This isn’t just a place for a perfect getaway. It’s a perfect place to acquire a vacation or a retirement property too. They have got the mountain land and cabin which offers low maintenance high quality homes and view lots that will make you think you are on a cloud. So since we have always had the thought of having a property of our own and somewhere close to nature, my husband and I started planning on how to purchase a cabin on the mountain land.

Honestly, this is a place not just to be but to experience.






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